Advanced Features

Capabilities that enable you to meet your compliance obligations

Single Sign-On

Organizations globally have implemented identity management using Single Sign-On (SSO). SnippetSentry integrates with your organization’s SSO platform, making identity management seamless.

Apple Authentication

Apple enables multiple device authentication pathways. SnippetSentry accepts all Apple user authentications through a simple One-Time-Code (OTC), eliminating complexity.

Federated Authentication

We deliver granular control of iMessage logins, supported by Apple Business Manager, to provide Federated Authentication. This feature delivers the next evolution of Single Sign-On (SSO).

Bulk User Upload

IT teams can onboard users at scale, simply by filling out a template and uploading to the SnippetSentry service, setting your organization on the path to compliance in minutes.

Proactive Alerting

An organization must be compliant 24x7 with 100% user participation. Proactive Alerting enables IT teams to focus on other tasks, knowing that SnippetSentry is always on the job.


IT teams can provision, activate and test message channels before assigning a mobile device. Pre-Config enables IT teams to act as a proxy for the user. Your employees will thank you.

Message Failsafe

Message Failsafe is a message repository residing behind your firewall, giving IT teams confidence that no message will be lost due to an archiver outage.

Demo Coming Soon.