Devices & Messaging Apps

Your phone is very personal to you - - why change how you use it?
SnippetSentry supports both Apple iPhone and Android devices, without the need for any customization.

No Change to User Behavior

Use your preferred messaging app.

You won't notice the difference.

Compliance in Minutes

Enter your username and password.

Click connect – you’re done.

No Secondary Phone Number

Secondary numbers complicate things.

You don't need one.


One to Tens of Thousands, the SnippetSentry service is fully scalable, and one you will never outgrow.

Built for fault-tolerance, and 24x7 service delivery -- rest assured that SnippetSentry will be available.

Seamless Message Capture
Messages Never at Rest
No Message Loss
In Transit Encryption

Leading Surveillance and Archive Platforms

...And Many More