Time to Bring Texting to Work.

Let’s Get Started With The SnippetSentry 14 Day Message Capture Trial.

Check List To Get Started:

Add as many users as you need.
Connect any number of mobile phones.
Setup a e-mail address where we can. deliver captured messages.
Start sending as many text messages as you like.

The SnippetSentry 3x3 Program

3 Steps in 3 Minutes - The Fastest Path to Compliance

Step 1 - Connect a the iMessage Messaging Channel.

Find the email sent to inbox to set a password for SnippetSentry and log in.
Press "Connect" for iMessage
Enter Apple ID Username and Password
Wait for Apple to send a prompt to your phone, hit allow, and then enter the verification code from your phone into the SnippetSentry UI.

Step 2 - Send a Text Message

Step 3 - Check Your Email Archive