Welcome to SnippetSentry

Eddie Green


As an organization, we experienced significant growth and change over the past year. This includes a change in our Identity from txtsmarter to SnippetSentry. As we continue to evolve our platform and the challenges we are looking to solve, it is time to update our Identity to better reflect who we are and where we are heading, as a brand focused on texting no longer reflects our vision.

We actively engaged customers and investors in conversations about our Identity by looking back at our founding principles, our new goals for the future, and determined it was time for an evolution.

Our new Identity, SnippetSentry, reflects the company’s commitment to protecting the sensitive data transmitted through mobile applications and channels. A bolder voice and a more powerful brand reinforce our commitment to providing security-centric solutions; meeting complex challenges and improving business outcomes with innovative technology that has impact far beyond just texting.

The new direction brings a sharper focus on cybersecurity, addressing the expanding spectrum of mobile communication apps and channels across regulated industries.

SnippetSentry’s mission is to help organizations capture, observe, engage, and dispatch mobile data transmitted over unsecured or unauthorized mobile communication channels in real time. We are dedicated to helping our customers with practical solutions that ensure the security and confidentiality of mobile app data.

I am very excited to introduce our new Identity, and look forward to continuing to provide the market with the most comprehensive platform to enable secure mobile app data transmission. I invite you to give us a try – I promise you it will be time well spent.