Why I Joined SnippetSentry 

Paul Gibb

Head of Sales, UK & EMEA

I have enjoyed a long career in the financial services markets - most recently in the FinTech sector at both Symphony and LeapXpert - helping firms achieve secure compliance as they increasingly adopt modern communication tools to help them grow their business.

Over that time, what struck me are the difficulties inherent in enterprise solutions requiring both complex integrations and lengthy deployment schedules; I feel strongly that business should not be unduly burdened in this way.

While thinking about this particular challenge, I was introduced to SnippetSentry. It rapidly became apparent that their vision of an easy-to-use data capture service is a solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of financial services firms. From the first conversations, I was awestruck by how easy it is to onboard users, with ZERO change to user behavior, and the robust scalability. As financial services firms grow, adapting to rapidly changing regulatory requirements, the ability to scale effortlessly ensures that compliance is never a bottleneck to business growth and increased ROI.

The management team is also very clear and concise about their vision: “Make it super simple; just set it, and forget it.” Eddie Green states that vision clearly in the CEO’s Tenets of a Great Service blog In addition, the company’s thought leadership impetus is unparalleled, with exciting new directions coming in the next few quarters!

I am thrilled to be joining a team at the forefront of this space, where the vision is perfectly aligned to the needs of customers. I look forward to introducing you to this exciting offering.