Why White Glove Service

Amie Nabiyev

Director of Customer Success

My name is Amie Nabiyev, and I am SnippetSentry’s Director of Customer Success. This blog discusses my role and the philosophy of our department.  Customer Success is the interface to our customers that forms a communications loop within the SnippetSentry Organization.  

Communication with our customers comes in two distinct forms: Interactive and Proactive.  I’d like to provide you a quick insight as to how we think about our customer relationships at SnippetSentry. 


Interactive communication is observational, and we use it to gauge the customer experience.  Take the case of onboarding users as an example: This is often the first experience that a new customer has with the SnippetSentry service.  Using interactive observations, we watch in real time how the customer goes through the process; from that, we glean a wealth of information:

  • Did the user understand the onboarding steps?
  • Did they have to ask multiple additional questions?
  • What friction points did they encounter in the process?
  • How can we reduce those friction points?
  • Did they encounter any problems? If so, what were they?

These interactive observations are then discussed in weekly operational meetings with Product Management and Engineering. . The goal is to continually identify ways to improve the customer experience, and it’s designed to be an ongoing, interactive process.


Proactive communication is our outreach to discuss new features and service concepts with customers. For example, we recently introduced Single Sign-On ((SSO); an advanced feature requested by many customers. SSO is designed to be easy to use but does require some setup.  Proactive communication involves meeting with the customer, explaining the configuration process, and stepping through it in as much detail as needed.

As with interaction communication, feedback from the customer is relayed back through the SnippetSentry organization so we can continue to make incremental improvements to simplify as much as possible.

I hope this gives a sense of how we view Customer Success and its importance in giving you – the customer – the best possible service experience.  I look forward to meeting with all of you, and together, we can make our service even greater!